We have been collaborating artists our entire married lives. Our work is always evolving. The experiences we share, or individually participate in, become a part of what we create. Bruce photographs and throws pots and I paint and create jewelry and other objects from precious metals. Bruce's photos are sometimes the inspiration or reference for my paintings and often times I sculpt and carve into his pottery. The results from our combined knowledge and skills becomes something beautiful that we enjoy sharing. Enjoy.

Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Year Maya from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bruce!

The beginning of a new year

Jan and Allison at the Szozda

 Well, I feel my work on the canvas has taken a new and exciting turn with encaustics and my Metals
are becoming stronger with my Etsy Shop helping with exposure.  Looking forward to 2012 and new
work. The Port St. Lucie Rock and Gem Studio will be a great learning experience for me this year.

There are many experienced Lapidary guys there and although I'm not really interested in learning the
art of cutting and polishing stones, I sure am excited to watch and learn from them. There's also lamp
work glass artists there. I'd love to learn how to make lamp work beads.

I'll be sketching and posting so "stay tuned". I'm going to try to blog more consistently this year.

I don't know how exciting my writing will be but I'll have some fun pictures anyway!!!

Happy New Years to all of you out there!

Dec 28, 2011

Dec 20, 2011

Etsy Metal selections for jury review

Sterling Pill Keeper with red jasper cab. Completely hand wrought including chain

Etsy Metal selections for jury review

Flawed Carnelian and black onyx cabs set in Deco Style neck torque
Jasper and African Porcupine Quills set in Sterling
Fused sterling silver and fresh water pearl necklace

Dec 15, 2011

The many faces of an upstate New York December

Can you believe these were all taken within a week of each other? That's the Adirondacks alright!

Nov 28, 2011



Happy Holidays everyone!
We've been busy posting new jewelry on our Etsy shop and if there's anything
you see here on our blog please email us at forest@ntcnet.com and we'll make
it happen!

Nov 19, 2011

Don't you love these crazy marble rings? Check out Etsy.com and go to Forest Hollow

Red Marble Ring
White with Blue and Yellow polka dots

Cat's Eye vintage marble-red, yellow, blue

Nov 7, 2011

Opening Reception for "NATURE INSPIRED"

November 11 Friday night 5-8pm
 Szozda Gallery
501 W.Fayette Street
Syracuse, New York

The show will remain up in gallery until December 4

Etsy Shop Link

www.etsy.com/shop/Foresthollow Check out my new shop on Etsy

Sep 18, 2011


I blackened the silver hoop and post to give contrast to the white pearl...what do you think?

I liked the idea of the tall and short stem....what do you think?

This combo seems to me to be comical, don't know why...what do you think?

OK, I had to get a little funky cause you know that's just how I "roll"!


I'd love to know what pair you like the best...just out of curiosity, so if you have a minute press the "comment" button!

Sep 12, 2011

Sterling with white pearl earrings

This pair of earrings are smaller and I've blackened the stems so that the pearls look like they are floating

Sep 10, 2011

Sterling Silver and peach cultured pearls SOLD

This pair of earrings are about the size of a silver dollar...The pearls are cultured and not fresh water.
The findings are lever back and they are very light...I have a "bunch" more along this line using different size and color pearls, different size hoops, and different mountings for the pearls. Stay tuned!!!

Sep 9, 2011

Rabbit's Ass Pot

OK OK, I know this is a strange little vessel but I couldn't resist it when Bruce came to me and said he thought the form looked like an "owl" and I said (just to be a snot!) no I think it looks like a rabbit's ass...well then what else was left to do but to make it a rabbit's ass!!! Enjoy!

Sep 7, 2011

6" porcelaine lidded vessel hand carved with celadon glaze

This piece is one of a series of three that we did together. The carving is quite extensive and took many hours. This among others will be in the "Nature Inspired" show at the Sozda Gallery in November.
Details to come...hope to see everyone there.

Fish Pot, 9.5 inches high, Soda fired stoneware

This vessel was created by Bruce and fired in a student built Soda Kiln at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida.
The glaze has a wonderful earthy color and slightly metallic surface. The fish are hand sculpted by Cathy and have an iron wash rubbed into the texture she created with various tools.

9.5 inches, Soda Fired stoneware with hand
sculpted fish and Temoku glaze

Sep 5, 2011

Bob White Quail, mixed media (acrylic, ink, pencil) on gesso board 6x8

Well, I'm done painting Mr. Bob White. This painting is a small piece, 6"x8" on a ridged gesso board and will end up with a wonderful hand made, one of a kind frame created by my friend and woodworker Eric Troast.
The image came from one of Bruce's slides from a long time ago but I've always liked the rich colors in the bird that seemed to echo with the broken tree behind it. Even in its winter environment, all puffed up, he looks quite special.                                                                                                                                                                                

Sep 1, 2011

Bob White Quale Mixed Media on Gesso Board

Not quite finished with this yet but it helps to see it on the computer screen to critique it before
going on. The right side of the image need more twigs, branches and weeds poking through the
snow to help balance with the tree and bird. I blocked my values in with acrylic washes and am
now working with rapidograph pens and colored pencils. It's strange how I seem to have a need
to work close and into a small space after working on a large format with big brushes. Almost
like curling up with a security blanket for awhile before going off again to a bigger place.

Aug 27, 2011

Spring Peeper Triptych, 2'x4' acrylic on linen panels

Well, here they are together finally. I originally thought all three panels would be the same sizes, however it seems that by waiting to paint the last panel almost a year later, I miscalculated the size. Oh well, I still love the three together and the sepia monochromatic center almost gives the cattail an excuse for being a different size.

Aug 26, 2011

Peeper on Cattail, Acrylic on Linen, 24x48

OK, I'm thinking this will be the last of my "frogee" obsession! This painting completes the three frog paintings I intended to place together. I've painted my little Spring Peeper on a Dandelion, a Day Lilly and now a Cattail.... I'm done!

Aug 24, 2011

white moth on white peony 2'x4' Acrylic on linen

I don't know if I enjoyed painting this more than I enjoy looking at it finished.  Every time I view
it I seem to get caught in the petals and the journey starts again. This is the second time I've painted
this image. The original painting was one of eight sold to a corporation and the paint was barely dry.
I think I missed the "getting acquainted" time after a painting is finished, that happens for me as an artist.
One thing that I noticed about this piece is that it can be hung horizontally or vertically and the composition still works. I'm going to have a difficult time letting this one go.

Aug 10, 2011

Rings Rings Rings

This is a rainbow moonstone and has a beautiful"blue flash".
The band is wide and has been hand stamped with a design. Size5

This is a natural star ruby, not lab or man made. Size 8.5

This is a grey moonstone set in sterling with a 14K gold braid around the bezel. Wide shank, Size 7.5

Aug 9, 2011

Ohata kaki Glazed Vase

This little six inch porcelain vase is perfect for cut wild flowers or flowers fresh from your garden. SOLD

Gourds according to Claus!

Santa Gourds! I know its a little early but I like painting these guys all year round! Its so much
fun assessing the posture of the gourd and finding a personality in it. They are sealed and ready to be a part of your home for Christmas.