We have been collaborating artists our entire married lives. Our work is always evolving. The experiences we share, or individually participate in, become a part of what we create. Bruce photographs and throws pots and I paint and create jewelry and other objects from precious metals. Bruce's photos are sometimes the inspiration or reference for my paintings and often times I sculpt and carve into his pottery. The results from our combined knowledge and skills becomes something beautiful that we enjoy sharing. Enjoy.

Feb 28, 2017

The Fire Gods have spoken!

Another load of pottery ready to be unloaded at the studio.

Feb 27, 2017

More Small Oils

Florida Inspired!

OK so I'm still really enjoying my oils. I even love the smells! I never thought I'd be painting Florida subject matter but hey...why not? I'm loving the use of Phthalo Blues and Greens. Here are some small oils done on wood. The sizes range from 4x6 to 6x7, and up to 11x14. First I use wood gesso on the surface, sand the surface smooth and paint with Red Oxide or Burnt Sienna to give more depth to the images.

Feb 21, 2017

Thomas and Thomas Home Show at the Windjammer

March 26 Sunday 11am - 6pm
Bruce and I will be having an Open House at our Windjammer
Condo. Bruce's pottery will be available as well as my
Handmade and original Sterling jewelry. This year I'll be showing
a series I've been working on for both my small paintings and jewelry.
The series is inspired by Florida flora, fauna, and tropical subjects in general. You

Feb 2, 2017

Florida Series

So, I've been down here in Florida during our winter hibernation period now for um, seven years? Wow, where does the snow fly?! Well anyway, I've finally decided it might be fun to try to create those tropical images I was painting last year into silver! So here are the beginnings of the Sunny Series: I began with earrings. I'm using the layering technique by cutting four equal size and shape pieces of silver, filing edges and cutting an image from two. I then stamp a texture or grind a texture on the uncut pieces. I solder the cut over the uncut, solder a ring at the tops and hang them with my hand made ear hooks. I use liver of sulfur to darken the details.