We have been collaborating artists our entire married lives. Our work is always evolving. The experiences we share, or individually participate in, become a part of what we create. Bruce photographs and throws pots and I paint and create jewelry and other objects from precious metals. Bruce's photos are sometimes the inspiration or reference for my paintings and often times I sculpt and carve into his pottery. The results from our combined knowledge and skills becomes something beautiful that we enjoy sharing. Enjoy.

Jun 24, 2012

Chainmaille Set

 Well, here are the finished pieces. I felt a little insecure with the process but as I became further and further along it got to be exciting.

I have only done a few pieces of Byzantine chain maille and I do love the pattern. My son, Jan, gave me a book for mother's day and I've been experimenting more with chains. I've always been good in math and I like inventing patterns so I guess it all fits.

The weight of each piece is pretty hefty because each part of the flowers are doubled up, using two rings for each part. I tried to keep it looking delicate and feminine using crystal beads for a little sparkle.

                                                              If you're reading this, I would love it if you could leave a comment. I'm not sure I'll continue to create more chainmaille. The time it takes is quite long. I suppose if I did more I would get faster at it. I also would like to use Argentium rather than sterling so maybe I will plan another project. Thanks for looking!!

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Andre' said...

These are beautiful!