We have been collaborating artists our entire married lives. Our work is always evolving. The experiences we share, or individually participate in, become a part of what we create. Bruce photographs and throws pots and I paint and create jewelry and other objects from precious metals. Bruce's photos are sometimes the inspiration or reference for my paintings and often times I sculpt and carve into his pottery. The results from our combined knowledge and skills becomes something beautiful that we enjoy sharing. Enjoy.

May 9, 2017

"Butkus" Oil Painting of a Bull Mastiff

Day #1 Under painting, drawing and proportions
 I almost never take on commissions in metal or paint. I think the reason for feeling this way has to do with the fear of being overwhelmed by the anticipation and expectations of the person doing the commissioning. The joy I find from painting comes from the freedom to create and the personal satisfaction of the process. Accepting a commission means I have to have another's satisfaction in my head!
  So why did I accept this commission? I don't know! Maybe because I've never painted a domestic animal before and it was more about the challenge. In any case I'm pleased to say after three days of painting that I'm happy with the results.
Day #2 Blocking in, values added

Day #3 Contrasts, Details, Background, Signature

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