We have been collaborating artists our entire married lives. Our work is always evolving. The experiences we share, or individually participate in, become a part of what we create. Bruce photographs and throws pots and I paint and create jewelry and other objects from precious metals. Bruce's photos are sometimes the inspiration or reference for my paintings and often times I sculpt and carve into his pottery. The results from our combined knowledge and skills becomes something beautiful that we enjoy sharing. Enjoy.

Jan 23, 2015

Japanese Flower Chainmaille

Original Sketch, bottom drawing
Necklace and matching earrings

All components are hand made.

 Friends often ask me how I make each jump ring, composing, and connecting it all together. I keep thinking that I should ask Bruce (the real photographer) to photograph each of the steps along the way, but then "life happens" and I start a pot of sauce or run to the store and the next thing I know its 11pm and I'm working on my chain maille and you KNOW I'm not going to ask Bruce to set up his photography equipment to photograph anything!!! So...I'm going to try to explain as best as I can the process I go through for these pieces. I first begin with sterling wire of various gauges. I wrap them around a small metal mandrel held tight by my bench vice, cut them apart with my jeweler's saw and sort them by size. To make the ear wires, I start with 20 gauge wire and cut to size, use a jig to make the shapes and hammer tops to work harden them. The rest involves using a "pattern" or recipe if you will, to follow and with two flat nose pliers and my trusty magnifier headpiece, I connect the jump rings by hand into what you see above. The beads I use are crystal and for me, add a little color and reflection. The closures for my necklaces I make by balling up the end of a small wire and shaping it into a hook which then hooks into a larger jump ring to finish the piece. Whew....if it sounds like a lot it really really is and is probably why I only make chainmaille jewelry once in awhile. Thank you for reading and please comment or ask questions below by clicking on the "comment" button.

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